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Qualifications for Membership
Membership in this Association is limited to men or women, or descendants of, who settled or resided in the Grande Prairie district on or before March 5, 1916. To apply, download the Membership Application form, fill out and send it with  $20.00 fee to the Grande Prairie & District Oldtimer’s Association


Post-Secondary Education Scholarship
This association recognizes the value of education and wishes to reinvest their interest and resources in this great region of ours by providing the opportunity and assistance to students to attend a post-secondary educational institution. The Grande Prairie and District Oldtimers’ Association has established a cash scholarship that will be available to the direct descendants of the pioneers that settled in this area. In this small way we can repay the courage, energy, and enterprise of these heroes from the past.

Please submit the Post-Secondary Scholarship Application Form

Indian Graves
© Robert Guest

Robert Guest: Indian Graves

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